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"I had my motel up for sale for two years with three different firms.
Mike Freeman sold it in less than one month!"--Bill Weninger

Buy Sell South Florida Motels Real Estate Agent and Business Broker for Florida Motel Sales

If you are thinking about selling your Florida motel, hotel or bed-and-breakfast property, Mike Freeman is the realtor you should contact. Mike will give you expert personal attention and listing services at a lower cost than you might expect.

What's more, Mike always has individual as well as corporate buyers ready to invest in a hospitality property like yours!

Real Estate Broker for Florida Hotels Buy Sell South Florida Motels

Nobody knows how to move a Florida motel property as well as Mike Freeman does. Please use our property listing form to tell us about the Florida motel or other hospitality realty you are interested in listing. Mike will contact you to arrange a personal inspection and appraisal of the property, and give you sage recommendations on how best to prepare, package and list your commercial real estate offering for quick sale at full market value.

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Realtor South Florida Motels: Buy, Sell, Investments, Sales
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